When is a good time to take a break?

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Sometimes it feels like never!

A few months ago I booked a trip away for my husband and I. I used the excuse that it was his birthday and our wedding anniversary. At the time of booking, my business was quite steady and I thought it was a good time to take a break before things got really busy leading up to Christmas.

These last few weeks have been FLAT OUT and I am about to take 3 weeks off as of tomorrow- eeek! Earlier this week I was thinking I would convince myself that it is in fact a good time to take a break through my blog.. Ironically, a gorgeous lady I know who runs her own travel business (Mantra Wild Adventures) beat me to it…  I read her blog and thought – ‘Yes! this is the exact justification I need to take a break”. As I was reading it, it also occurred to me that this can translate not just to business owners, but everyone.

Everyone deserves to take a break from the office. Be it an overseas or local trip.. or even a few days out pottering at home. We all need to recharge, refocus and R-E-L-A-X!

Have a read of her blog, and I hope you too can justify taking time out!




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