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The countdown to the holidays is on. It’s the time of year when work starts to wind down, and you hear people say, “That can wait until after Christmas,” or, “I’ll get to that in the New Year”. But there are some things that are just too important to put off, even for the sake of a few weeks.

Six months ago, I met with a couple who wanted help with their insurances. They listened to my recommendations, but then they kept putting off actually taking out the cover. After all, life gets busy. I saw this couple again last week and was sorry to hear that the husband had been going through a stressful time at work which had aggravated a heart condition. I was even sorrier when I had to tell this couple that, because of the heart condition, we can’t look at cover for him until all investigations are completed, and even after that it is not guaranteed that he would be able to get cover. This has only added to the stress they are already feeling and leaves them in limbo as to whether or not he will ever be able to get cover.

If this couple hadn’t procrastinated, not only would the husband have been able to get insurance, but he may even have been able to claim on it for his newly developed condition.

Unfortunately, their situation is not unique. Another client who I talked to three years ago recently advised me that they have been diagnosed with cancer. At the time we met, I recommended they add trauma cover to their insurance portfolio, but the client refused. Of course, it’s now too late to add this cover.

We understand that most people think insurance is expensive, but I would much rather clients put something in place – even if it isn’t the full recommended cover – than nothing at all. Insurance is there for a rainy day and I bet these people I’ve recently spoken to would love to wind back the clock and pay a few dollars for insurance to give them peace of mind that when something goes wrong, their family is protected.

The moral of the story is: don’t wait. You will never be as young, or as healthy, as you are today. Tomorrow is uncertain, but with insurance in place at least you know you’ll be able to weather the storm.


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Tatiana has over 15 years experience within Financial Services with the last 7 years focussed on Life Risk. Tatiana has held Senior roles with a number of organisations such as Macquarie, AMP and OnePath prior to starting Monarch Advisory Group. Tatiana holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services and is completing the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) through the FPA (Financial Planning Association). Tatiana is also a member of the FPA, which is the highest professional body for the Financial Planning industry. Tatiana is very approachable and passionate about ensuring her friends, family and clients are properly protected in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

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