Below is an outline of the advice process which Monarch Advisory Group follows with every client:


  • Initial meeting

    We will arrange to meet each other to better understand you, and for you to better understand Monarch Advisory Group and how we can work together.

  • Letter of Engagement

    Monarch Advisory Group will send out a letter outlining discussions from the initial meeting. If you agree with what we have outlined, we can commence the advice process.

  • Fact find meeting

    We will meet to obtain all the necessary information in order to develop our recommendations for you. It is vital that we understand all your circumstances to ensure that we have a complete picture.

  • Recommendations

    Monarch Advisory Group will work out the recommendations which personally suit you. We will research the market to ensure you have the right solution that fits your needs.

  • Plan presentation

    Once we have completed the recommendations we will arrange for another meeting to present our findings and recommendations to you.

  • Implementation

    Once we have both agreed on the recommendations for you, we will implement this on your behalf.

  • Review

    Monarch Advisory Group will contact you every 12 months to offer you the opportunity to review your plan to ensure that it is current for your circumstances.